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Is anybody here?

I didn't think it would ever happen again, but after 3 years without ever touching Photoshop I just made a wallpaper. I thought I'll check if anyone is still present here and try sharing it with you.

Do you know the british show Utopia? It's brilliant. It's so well made that I just felt I had to create something new.

EDIT : Actually, it seems like I'm back in business. Made some new stuff. Since it's kind of a fresh start I'll be using a different platform. How about some tumblring? Come to my brand new tumblr - where I'll be posting all my stuff from now on.

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Guess what ... I'M NOT DEAD!

Hi there! Surprise! Didn't think you'll see me around here ever again, huh? Well, I decided to come back, even though I haven't been using LJ for almost a year now. I don't know for how long you can expect me to stay around, in October I go back to the University, I'm moving out of my old apartment and into a new one, I'm starting a second faculty(not sure about this word:)) and I'm pretty sure I'll be busy with life. But for now I'm here. Posting again. So I hope someone remembers about me:P
Here's what I've done today. Enjoy.

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[1-21]- Alice in Wonderland[trailer]
[22-29]- Alfie
[30,124]- Doctor Who (I forgot about one so it's at the end)
[31-36]- Factory Girl
[37-38]- Imogen Heap
[39-61] Leverage
[62-81]- Pictures taken by me
[82-89]- Queer as folk[US]
[90-109]- Skins
[110-123]- Stock


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